Properly maintaining your car is crucial to having a dependable and reliable car. Knowing when to maintain your car will save you lots of money down the road. Follow your owners manual or the instrument cluster invervals. A good rule of thumb is remember the 50-100-150 principle. Have a complete service and thorough inspection at 50,000 100,000 and 150,000 miles.

 Mobile1 Full Synthetic Oil Service at $65.00 for 4 Cylinders. $85.00 For    8 Cylinders.



-Full Inspection

-Tire pressure checks 

-Maintenance light reset

-Washer fluid topped off

-Brake Inspection

-Wash and Vacuum


        BMW/MINI  Inspection Services

    Mercedes A B C           Service With Transmission Flushes

Services Include:


  • Transmission Service

  • Brake Fluid 

  • Steering Fluid 

  • Transfer Case Fluid

  • Active Suspension Fluid 

Filters are the difference between a smooth long running engine and premature wear and failure. 



Engine Filters Include:


  • Oil Filters 

  • Air and cabin filters

  • Fuel filters

  • Steering Fluid Filters